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Brand Crush Wednesday: Lands' End, Dodgeville, Wisconsin

There's "Woman Crush Wednesday" (WCW), an homage to stylish and brave females of the world. Historians claim the first WCW began in the Marcia Brady-era (the hair! the mod clothes!) and grew in fervor as two famous Dianas ascended the world stage: Diana Ross and Princess Diana. Since then, academics claim top WCW champions include Wilma Flintstone (the statement necklace! the frayed-edge dress!), Farrah Fawcett (Hair-ilicious icon!), and Rachel Ward in the movie "Against All Odds" (the glorious tan! the boho-beach clothing vibe!).

Funny how historians and academics agree with yours truly about WCW winners. It's almost as if I made up the results for this blog post. 😉

Grammar note: I had to correct not one but THREE errant apostrophes in the above text. First, I had to add one to "there's." The writing software didn't want to include it. Second, I had to remove one from "Dianas." Writers, bloggers, and readers in corporate cubicle suites, take note! The grammar bots in writing software Do. Not. Earn. Their. Keep. The Purdue Owl will save your bacon if the boss needs a strongly worded memo STAT.

Further, the software corrected the Lands' End apostrophe, which we all know is incorrect. But in a glorious example of apostrophe-as-anti-hero, the errant squiggle makes us love the clothing brand Lands' End even more, right?

Keep reading. This Midwest fashion blog post gets better, I promise.

For The Backyard Model blog, I'm switching it up. I'm claiming Wednesdays as Brand Crush Wednesdays (BCW) because, well, it's my blog. I can do it. Further, some brands fit me better than others. I'm tall and curvy, anywhere from a size 6 to 10 depending upon the brand and the designer. In the modeling world, those are killer sizes not in a good way. It means WE HAVE NO WORK FOR YOU because you're too big for some pieces, too small for others.

BCW is a day where I feature brands and designers that work for me, a tall, 56-year-old Midwestern gal with curves. I mean, I work out and stay fit but still enjoy Friday night fish fries, cheese, and Culver's.

I used the previous sentence in my bio on model agency applications. Funny how it didn't resonate. 🤔

For my first BCW, I paired Lands' End floral jeans with a vintage Armani cashmere blazer, a black t-shirt, and clear-heeled Rag and Bone booties. The belt is Ralph Lauren. The tummy panel in these jeans is superb and the stretch fabric is comfortable. Patterned jeans are my thang, any time of year. I'm delighted to make summer floral cropped jeans work for fall. And, OMG, I wore Lands' End rugbies in the '80s every darn day. They are re-releasing them in a capsule collection. Heavy duty, warm, and bright. In fact, the description fits a Wisconsin girl like me. 😂

The Lands' End company is located in one of my favorite towns, Dodgeville, Wis. It's near one of the most amazing parks that our state offers, Governor Dodge. A fabulous, expansive landscape that is known as the "Lungs of Wisconsin," the place where Wisconsinites go to work off the beer and cheese.

Kidding. I made that up. But I recommend a hike in the great Dodge on a beautiful day. You won't regret it. Very Insta-worthy. There are waterfalls, too.

Anyhoo, thanks for enduring my first BCW post. It may be the first ever blog post to combine Wilma Flintstone, the Purdue Owl, Culver's, apostrophes, Armani, and Rag and Bone. You see, in addition to writing about clothes and fashion, my goal is to confuse the web crawlers. I want to outlast the bots who will be ranking my posts. When it's time to punch out in their Ralph-and-Sam bot time-clock world, they will just roll their little bot eyes and allow The Backyard Model blog to shimmy to the top of the Google search page because it has no comparison.

Among all fashionable backyards in the Midwest, The Backyard Model fashion blog aims to stand alone.

Happy WCW and BCW, fashion friends.

If you have a Midwest brand to recommend, please send me an email via the contact on the Home page of Bubbles and Fiber, thanks. I'm happy to give it a consideration for BCW.

Also, my monthly blog post about writing is on Valerie Biel's superb writing blog, LINK HERE.


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