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Cozy in the Cold: Jackets for Fall

We've had a wonderful fall in Wisconsin. It's been warm, sunny, and gorgeous for weeks. But the inevitable will happen. The wind will pick up. The colorful leaves will disappear. And cold weather will set in. Oh, and daylight saving time is November 1. In other words, winter is coming.

I found this great faux fur coat as part of the Amazon Drop website. It's the first time I've ordered clothing from the site, so I didn't know what to expect. Given the restrictions of COVID, I haven't been shopping much during the past few months.

I was pleasantly surprised. The items I ordered arrived quickly. The box used for packaging the items is engineered to make its use for returns easy. That's a plus, but I likely won't be returning many of the pieces. I loved everything I ordered as part of the no-charge try-on with prime wardrobe. I may use the box for storing summer pieces? I hate to waste a perfectly good box!

Anyway, the loose-fit Kiara coat was a winner. It's soft, cozy, and generously cut. Great for those days when lots of layers are appropriate. I love the swingy vibe of it. I've paired it with a light sweater and scarf, but a heavy wool sweater would work, too.

This coat is warm, cozy, and a great color. The Kiara faux fur from Amazon's The Drop.

I've linked details about the coat below. It comes in two colors, which is great. If you're looking for cozy, soft, and generously cut, this could be a match. I'm in the size large, which is big, but I want to layer this over sweaters and scarves. Enjoy!

Tracey in the Kiara faux fur coat from Amazon The Drop.

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