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Happy Hair Tuesday: Week Two Celebration

Are you living between hair colors? Transitioning from long to short? Short to long? (Grammar note: When I was typing this, the software flipped "to" to "too." Seriously? Who is in charge? I want to speak to the manager. 😠 Let the wonderful Purdue Owl intervene for those who believe AI will solve the world's problems.)

Anyway, back to Happy Hair Tuesday. We're into the second week of this celebration. I'd like to welcome you to the HHT concept, which is to celebrate whatever stage your hair is in. (Let's be glad we have hair as opposed to Mr. Angry Face Emoji, above.) For today, let's be grateful and blessed--do you have any of those trendy signboards in your home?--Happy Hair Tuesday is the time to use them!

Let's appreciate what we've got, friends.

I've been told to cut and color my hair because I'm a "certain age." (I've also been told to move out of my home state, get a better personality, and stop being a writer, but that conversation is for another post.)

There are too many wonderful folks out there who can't celebrate their hair for a variety of reasons. Also, there are skilled stylists who manage their clients' hair with flair. My WW leader had breast cancer. She fought it and is a testament to healthy food choices and positive thinking. My hair stylist is a goddess of patience, talent, and truth. I appreciate everything she tells me as I transition from "bronde balayage" to "grombre." (Wow, it took me a while to convince the grammar gremlins in this software that those are the words I wanted to use. I think they just quit to try their skills at politics.) Sorry, rant over. Anyway, my hair is in the process of silvering, which right now is okay with me.

For Happy Hair Tuesday Week Two, I wish you peace and appreciation for the hair you've got, not the hair you want. And for those readers who have endured challenges with their hair, and for the hair stylists who maintain us, I salute you!


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