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Updated: Jul 27

Welcome to The Backyard Model, fashion and life in the yard of a fixer-upper home located in the Midwest. It's Monday, my second day of the week. Sunday is my first day, you see. By viewing it that way, I'm ready to rise-and-grind (while wearing a floral dress) on Monday morning.

The Backyard Model on Monday, the second day of the week.

About The Backyard Model

Why do I pose in my backyard? And what's the Bubbles and Fiber website about? Glad you asked.

The Backyard Model

I pose because I adore clothes, especially recycled or vintage fashion. I'm a fan of The RealReal and ThredUp. There are some fabulous resale shops near me, as well. I support Midwest-based clothiers and local boutiques. I believe fashion and style belong to every generation, not just the young 'uns. There's a movement recognizing the over-50 fashion crowd. I love being a part of it.

Bubbles and Fiber website

This is hard to write: My mom died of constipation. She was 89 years old, so there was more to her ending than that. But her death was complicated by a lack of good things going on in her gut. She was everything a mom should be: Encouraging. A great listener. Generous. Sweet. She also was salt-of-the-earth. A realist who believed in hard work, and she had a never-quit attitude. Her favorite phrase was, "find a way or make one." I was writing a screenplay during her illness and the B&F phrase came to me in a lightbulb moment of grief and inspiration: Bubbles and Fiber. Sparkle + Hard Work.

So, the Bubbles and Fiber website was born. The Backyard Model blog was created to go with it. I'm getting started at both, so the site will change as needed and the blog will posts will keep coming. I'm glad you're here, friend. I hope you enjoy fashion images from my backyard, positive discussion, and Midwest-related content. Also, I'll be reminding about a healthy intake of fiber, an issue that people don't much talk about.

Three (or four?) words to describe me:

There are more but I'll begin with three. I'm an optimist. Especially in the morning. I see positivity in most everything and I pray* a lot. To be an optimist, one must pray. I'm also a writer-teacher. Is that two words? I tried to differentiate, but couldn't. Neither "Triter" (Gads, no!) or "Weacher" worked, so hyphen it is. I teach classes including composition and critical thinking. I blog about writing on the fabulous website of Wisconsin-based Valerie Biel, a writer-teacher dynamo who writes YA fantasy books along with assisting authors with all things book-writing.

I'm an introvert. It's contrary to blogging and posing in my backyard. I'm aware, thanks. Alcohol helps. (Ask me about my recipe for a skinny margarita!) But, seriously, I'm probably half-introvert, half boss mare. I like some things my way and I'm a Myers-Briggs Monica Geller when it comes to scheduling. For a one o'clock flight, arriving at the airport at six a.m. is reasonable. Otherwise, I enjoy quiet evenings, a cozy campfire, and peaceful walks around my backyard.

*Jesus-assisted prayer increases optimism.


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